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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 11, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening there was spying, attorney general barr today made it official long held suspicions, well, it looks like they were accurate, telling lawmakers when we and president trump have known for two years, the attorney general made it known today he is looking now into the ocean joins the -- origins o obama administration's investigation of 2016 trump campaign, because, there was spying. president trump today said he is looking forward to getting to the bottom of the witch-hunt, and ha president has a lot of company in that quest for answers. >> it was started illegally. everything about it was crooked.
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everything. there were dirty cops, these were bad people, you look at mccabe and comey and lisa and peter strzok. these were bad people. and this was a attempted coop, an attempted take down of a president. lou: two leaders of trump 2016 campaign among our guests cory lewindowski and david bossie, turning to national emergency, crisis on southern border, president is there tonight in part to draw attention to urgent reality ignored all together by national left wing media and radical dimms, president trump explains to reporters on scene, dangers. >> we start talking. first person said sir, we have many people dying. coming across the border, i say
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nobody said that. they know it but press does not talk about it much also they come in raid their houses, it is dangerous. told never to leave their house at night. and that day during the day, always carry a gun and know how to use it. these people had no idea. we have the media here, and good people here. i think it should be explained, nobody heard this. lou: president's visit to texas and the broken immigration system he trying to fix is our focus tonight. with us national border patrol crowns president brandon judd and the rid storm rising in -- red storm rising in the west, china trying to quietly build a stronghold in the caribbean, we take uprising threat of china in western hemisphere, gordon chang
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amanaging ouamong our guests. >> top story, tern ye attorneyiy general barr on capitol hill today. barr's words, spying did occur. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge from washington. >> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. a big deal. reporter: during his second day of testimony barr stunned lawmakers, saying he is reviewing origins of fbi 2016 hush husrussia probe. >> you are not suggesting that spying occurred? >> i think that spying did occur, yes. reporter: whether bias among a small group of senior justice department and fbi officials of the driver. >> i believe there is a basis
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for my concern. but i'm not going to discuss the basis. reporter: during campaign, fbi opened a counter intelligence vist investigation but the trump team did not receive a so-called defensive briefing, like a heads up from fbi warning about russia contact. >> would it be odd that candidate was never briefed by the department of justice. >> that is one of the questions i have a feel normally, the campaign would have been advis advised. reporter: attorney general was given opportunity to dial back the spying language, barr testifies he want to be clear there was no unauthorized surveillance of trump campaign, at timing of release of mueller report, barr said next week. lou: next week it is. catherine herridge thank you. >> joining us, two men, 2 were there. and -- who were there and who may have been spied on.
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cory lewindowski. as well as david bossie, former trump campaign aide and citizens united president, welcome, quickly let's cast ourselves back to march 4 of 2017. this is what our new president had to tweet that day. terrible. just found out that obama had my wires tapped and trump tower, just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. and that was the reaction of national left wing media, "washington post," a good representative of that media, giving the president 4 pi pinnochios for that tweet. how many do you think we should give the "washington post"? joining us now, cory lewindowski and david bossie great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: cory. your reaction today, as we
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toward attorney -- attorney general of united states say there was spying. >> i am relieved someone has acknowledged this, am pleased he is launching an investigation, but i am frightened about what they did to members of our team, the government spy on us, on domestic soil because they done like our politics that is not a nebulous group this is core lewindowski and dave bossie, friends could family, trumps, their family and friends, and how many others? because they didn't like our politics. we asked president about this some time ago, he believed this went to the top of the previous administration. stop at ben rhodes, barack obama knew, he authorized it. it has to be accountability, i am happy attorney general barr is digging into this. >> that is central question, i
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would have if i am attorney general, what did barack obama know and when? we know that mccabe and comey and clapper and brennan and the cabal in the white house knew about it. they used the fisa courts in a dishonest way, i can't wait to see deputy of justice inspector general report when it comes out that will be very telling, and another big shoe to drop, i think that is what the attorney general will be able to work from. lou: there are a lot of unanswered questions and likely will be for some time despite the uphoria of hearing a attorney general doe his job. and set down before congress and explain what it feels like too have a intellectual superior in the room. it is terrific to behold. but this a president who on
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march 4, on 2017 was right. and mockery, ridicule, the nastiness that flowed the next day across national left ring news outlets across this country. not a word at-this-point about the special counsel's report. exonerating this president, of all these charges. and now phase two, finding out what in the hell the fbi and doj were thinking and whose order. >> does not fit narrative of mainstream media to say that president was right. all they have done for two and a half years is destroy everything he tried to bill, they hate this president more than they love their country, this is a shame. what we have now, a coop against a duly elected president because they did not like the way he delivered the message.
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that should scare americans, and power of the government. many people myself included spent amounts of money defending ourselveses from crimes we never committed because they changed us and stipulated -- -- >> they meant to break. >> you, of course, they did, they did break many, they filed for bankruptcy and pled guilty to crimes they probably did not committmencommitted. lou: i would like to see republican party stand up and raise money for every person you are referring to, we know most of those names, who deserve support, and to be given restitution as best it can be provided. >> you look at what they did to kt mcfarland, general flynn, they were put through the wringer, around the time of that tweet, was when james comey
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leaked that information, to create that special counsel. you look at insidious nature of what the former fbi director d did. that never been done before in american history, people need to pay for it make sure it never happens again. lou: there another current in this, that is came out today. as we listen to alexandria ocasio-cortez. saying -- tweeting in point of fact that she wanted to just see kirstjen nielsen devastated, destroyed. we're hearing the same from all starts of left wing reporters. activists. your reaction to that? she was effectively fired by the president of united states now the democrats cannot resist their politics of personal destruction. not enough she has been removed
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from that job, but now they want to make here a 52 pariah it is venomous. >> the left is good at this, when conservatives leave the administration they make sure there are no jobs available for them in publicly traded companies and higher education, they rally around to make sure they can't find. employment af after. -- has rewarded the members of the barack obama administration time and again. lou: it you talk about a revolving door. google, facebook. amazon. -- >> uber. lou: it goes on and on. they don't quit, and neither do these two, they are soldiers and warriors throughout. yes. to radical dimms out there watching, i know millions of you
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tune in with a purpose. here they come. again. david bossie and cory lewindowski. >> thank you,. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, china's expansion to caribbean ports and infrastructure, no one is talking about it, except this broadcast, we take that up and rising influence of communist china just miles from our shore. asia expert gordon chang will join us. >> and up next, president trump takes aim at country's asylum laws. >> i think that the whole asylum rules and laws and regulation z have been taken advantage of by people that are bad people in many cases. these are the people running the cartels. they are gaming the system, they have been for years. lou: national border patrol council president brandon judd will join me next with more on this crisis on our southern border, stay with us, we'll be
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right back. it's going to be passover in just a few days. and these people are in desperate need. these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people. as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism. the situation has become a crisis. every week the lines get longer and longer. there are more people who come than they expect
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because the numbers keep growing. its difficult to have to see people in this situation needy for food. especially at this holiday season of passover. this should be a blessing to you. this $25 food box will provide one desperately needy family here in israel with food, with hope and with a note inside each of these saying that's its from christians and jews in america who seek to bless them. with your phone call right now a food box will go out to one desperate family in israel. inside the food box is a special note that will bless them and let them know that america stands strong in solidarity with israel in their struggle for survival. many of these people are ill they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford
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things that many of us, most of us, take for granted. people, who don't have enough money to even buy some matza the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support.
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lou: national security crise at our southern border is worsening by the day.
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latest now on the illegal immigration surge, william is joining us with the latest. reporter: there is a bill in congress who called immigration loophole act. deports children to family back home and eliminating frivolous asylum claims but republicans say that democrats in house refuse on move the bill. 103 apprehensions, and 53,000 families, 9,000 unacompanaccompd children. other illegal aliens from the world are caught trying to evade arrest, in my sector alone we've encountered people from 50 different countries, that include be. >> tuesday defense department
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awarded a billion dollars for 57 miles of fence. challenged by 21 states, a federal judge will hear their injunction request next month. president trump is not reconsidering separating families, but "new york times" say he does want to tighten the process, right now 76% of credible fear claims are initially approved, even though 80% are rejected by a judge. >> people coming in claiming asylum, they are reading what the lawyer gives them, they have a piece of paper, read that. reporter: to why central americans migrate, violent or according to some in congress, climate change. in guatemala they come here for a better job, a migrant yesterday told california
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governor, newson, it is the wish to come to america. lou: thank you william. >> joining us, president of national border patrol council brandon judd, this invasion, is all but unprecedented over the last decade. your thoughts about what the likely outcome is? >> the figures are ast normal, i am -- astronomical, 3 weeks ago you hit the nail on head, you said dhs needs to stop whining and stop making excused and think outside the box. in fact that is what we're see now. you have a policy ad advisor in white house, miller said, congress is not going to act. we have to look at current authorities, what can we do within those current authorities to address this crisis?
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that is what the white house is doing, that is the business aspect that american public expected when they elected president trump, i am glad to see it. lou: i know that the american people are glad to see it, i see his approval numbers rising. the -- this surge though looks as though it will continue friend of mine sent pictures from guatemala of another caravan being formed there. it looks like there is every intent. we know that behind all of, is a lot of left wing money, a lot of groups working with among other the united nations for crying out loud in central america, this will be difficult to stop unless, as the president says, mexico stops it. >> yeah, and president already did a great job when he put the pressure on mexico in saying he would close down the ports of
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entry. we've seen mexico step up and do more. we need to do more on this side, what will stop this, once we end that magnet of catch and release, and hole people in cust -- hold people in custody, pending deport proceedings, the numbers will fal fall, i see one horizon a fix to this issue. it is going to be done by the administration and they will cut congress out of the process. lou: congress has made it clear, they don't care whether there is a crisis or a national emergency, they don't care about border patrol agent in rio grande valleys that 50 countries represented among those illegal immigrants that have been apprehended. this is a clear clarion call to anyone who would pay attention this this country is under
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threat. >> oh, absolutely, if you look, most of american public, they think we're only dealing with people from mexico from el salvador and hondurus and guatemala. that is as far from truth as can be, we deal with people from all over the world. from all regions of the world, that include the middle east. we deal with people who come here, we don't know their intentions, the american public has the right to know. who is coming in to their country, and we have the right to vet them. the problem is, when they step across the border, and they claim asylum, because they are overwhelming us right now, we let them go without properly vetting them. that has to end and will end. lou: part of that is the role of citizens and immigration services, then border patrol is that relationship and those responsibilities changing as president borders these reforms? >> y, so if you look at what stephen miller has proposed, we
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need to do these credible interviews the moment they cross border and are apprehended, we need to train border patrol ages to conduct credible fir fear interviews, if you don't have a rightful claim, we could potentially deport new two weeks rather than 2 to 5 years in takes. lou: brendon judd great to see you and talk with you thank you. >> thank you, lou, appreciate this. lou: come back soon, we would like to hear your thoughts, comments, follow me on twitter @loudobbs, and facebook and instagram. >> coming up next, president trump's approval ratings rising on the back of a strong economy and -- and that national emergency he declared on our southern border. >> jobs are at an all-time high in the history of our country.
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unemployment is at a 51 year low. we're doing well, we're doing well. and we're going to kie keep it g be we believe in two fundamental rules, buy american and hire american, okay? lou: we'll have more on that right after the break, ed rollins joins us. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: president trump and the united states have won the war on energy, that left radical dimms reeling in defeat and lashing out as they always do. here is the president from earlier this evening in crosby, texas. >> with the help of the incredible workers in this room, the united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas. nobody in the world can do what you folks do. >> president victories are showing up in the polls
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according to a georgetown university poll, president's overall approval is now 5 5% -- 55%, and approval rating for president's handling of the economy, a robust 58%. 55% is pretty robust too, don't you think. a dashcam from in atlanta a police officer dragged for several feet by a drunken driving suspect during an arrest attempt, officer hanging out be he stopped the vehicle and arrest that driver. police say that suspect had illegal drugs in the car. they had been used by someone. joining us, former reagan white house political director fox business political analyst, leading republican strategist in the country -- thank you.
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-- >> thank you. lou: ed rollins. -- how do you know i was talking about you? >> i saw my picture in the camera. lou: welcome. 55% for president for overall approval. 58% for economy. >> he had a couple great weeks, move important people are focusing on the job he has done on the economy, that is key, both sides are fully polarized. but he is holding his base. and expanding it, my sense this economy continues to move like today. he will do well. lou: at-this-point they are so far left they will need to run for something in guatemala or
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nicaragua, i take it back, guatemala? i meant nicaragua. just ridiculous. >> best part we have talked, they are getting exposure now, bernie sanders today revamped his medicare program, medicare is a program for people like you and i who paid all our life to take care of us as we get older, a great program, but bottom line, not a program for everyone, you put this in for everyone this will not be enough money for to take care of us, double federal budget. lou: these socialist do not even have a clue how far out of the mainstream they are. joe biden, tried and true staple of the party, trying to move to the forefront. his latest effort -- >> one thing that has disappointed me in the last 6 or 8 years, is that growing up most
4:32 am
of us, were taught this is america, we can do anything. anything if we set our mind to it. but now we kind of walk around like, woe is me, what are we doing to do? lou: it had something to to most 6 years of the obama/biden administration, woe is them. i think he is struggling on the hustings. >> joe biden has been on a federal payroll since 1973, a man of the people, blue collar guy. and up until trump retired him, he has never had a payroll, never made a payroll. last president talked about a national malaise with jimmy carter, you saw what happened to him. lou: we watching what happened in kirstjen nielsen, who resigned sunday, the left is
4:33 am
ghoaing aftegoing after this wo, attacking her in every way, engaging in politics of personal destruction. they are trying to go after her while she is down. this is ignorance and venomous and awful. >> she is supportive of the president's program. she is not said one bad word about anything so. lou: i am talking about the dimms. >> i know, they are instead of letter her find a new life, say thank you for your service, they are doing everything they can to make sure she does not get a job. lou: to we have pictures of 2014 and surge of unacompanied minors to the southern border -- miners
4:34 am
iors insouthern border, these am surge of something like 70,000 unaccompanied minors that hit border this the obama administration. but the fact, the left wing activists are going av kirstjen nielsen, for separating families, when the obama administration pictures is worth a thousand words. >> good thing we're building a wall, we'll find a solution to these inspite of technology. reality is -- insight of congress. and reality is, the more you expose it the better it is. lou: ed rollins thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: up next, president trump said that reelection of israel benjamin netanyahu raises chance of the a middle east peace deal. >> everyone said you can't have
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peace in the middle east with israel and the palestinians. i think we have a chance. i think we have now a better chance with bb having won. lou: he won, gordon chang will join us next, taking up chinese cas ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: approximatelie -- vice president pence addressing united nations security council, telling venezuela united nations ambassador and m maduro regime their time in power is at an end. >> with all due respect, mr. ambassador, you had not be here, you should return to venezuela. and tell nicholas maduro his time is up, it's time for him to go. go. lou: and benjamin netanyahu securing his fifth term the nation's prime minister. china, expanding at an alarming rate in caribbean, a chinese business investing 3 billion dollar in a deep water container facility in the caribbean.
4:40 am
55 miles from palm beach, florida. chinese military also using facilities in caribbean to intercept intel signals from the united states and their influence and present in the caribbean is expanding, joining you tonight, columnist author, gordon chang. this is deeply troubling. most people are unaware that china has any kind of presence in the caribbean. perhaps even in the hem i hemise outside of venezuela and panama, but in the caribbean they mean business. >> they do, and bahamas just one place they have two multibillion dollar investments, that container port you talk about. when chinese fund container ports, the chinese warships follow. people say that caribbean is our third border, that is right. >> it -- it was.
4:41 am
it is. and like our other southern border, it is a fire right now, what can be done? what can this administration do? what should the uzbekista use -d states be doing to stop china's influence in this hemisphere before it gets to point of conflict. >> most important point to get chinese investment out, we have sort of do that by offering cheap money, chinese are offering predatory financing to people in the region, we warn country about china's financing terms but that does not make sense unless we can offer alternative, with tax credits for investing in region, but most important thing, we don't invite the chinese in. both bush administration and obama administration invited the chinese to the interamerican bank. lou: not cleverrist people. >> no, and you had this whole idea you know you work with
4:42 am
china, that wall street, and u.s. -- >> what do we do? >> i think we have to do is will be fight on financings. we'll have to jawbone from of the governments they need us, they need our tourists, that will be difficult for us. and put hard word on the chinese about getting them out of the region, you said thursday, you interviewed kt, the hemisphere and caribbean are on fire. lou: and there seems to me to be an essential awareness that necessary. that is this is not simply about finance with china. it is initiatives in this hemisphere, this about ideology and philosophy, in the minds of some leaders in this hemisphere, whether caribbean, central or south america there is a greater proximity to chinese communism than the united states wants to acknowledge. about time we did acknowledge
4:43 am
that reality. >> certainly. because, you point out, we have in cuba, 3 facilities that chinese use. >> listening to our phone conversation with chinese ports in panama they control the canal at both ends. lou: right they have for a while. >> they have intensified, they their investments this is really becoming a problem for the hemisphere, we have a lot of tools because we work with these governments, but we have to make sure they do not get further into the hemisphere, they are deeply involved in caribbean right now. lou: all right, gordon good to see you thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next. 9/11 revisionist history by radical dimm freshman congresswoman ilhan o omar, she
4:44 am
has every american outraged, or has every american outraged, or they should be, aft
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lou: ilhan omar, the radical freshman dimm congresswoman
4:48 am
assaulting americans when addressing september 11 at council on american islamic relations even last month. >> care was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something. and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. lou: wow. september 11, 3,000 people killed, in a terrorist attack. and she is talking trash about civil liberties? astounding. amazing that house speaker pelosi has yet to remove her proher seat on house fore -- from her seat on house foreign affairs committee and democrats have not repudiated this woman. first ever picture by the way of a black hole released today, a group of international astronomers used telescopes from across the globe, spotted in a
4:49 am
galaxy, 55 million light years away. and resemblence between photos and radical dimms chances of winning in 2020. looks like a zero? joining us tammy bruce, washington times columnist. fox business contributor, great to with you with us. >> great to be here. lou: omar this woman, you tell me, what is she doing? >> it is shocking. to to hear something so horrific in our history to be referred to as you might say if someone took milk out of the fridge, that someone did something, the dismissal of that planned mass murder. lou: travellializing it. >> and america, we had a conversation about civil rights and spying on morning and how governments use crises to take more power, americans unlike many other countries, we have those conversation, we become a
4:50 am
better country, demand change, but for toes s associate that iy dismissive fashion. lou: she sounds like she hates america, and jews and israelis, what does she not hate. >> that we deserve perhaps what happened to us, that the innocent victims deserve that. that with september 11 some people did something. that is was so meaningless. lou: you think that is her implication? >> that the implication is that it has been for a number of leftists, that over the last decade that america was the problem in the world? that is the message we we heard. lou: the obama message. >> things just came back on us, these are things that are untrue, it is ugly and americans
4:51 am
recognize it, this is a test for democratic leader ship and for regular democrats to speak to their leadership, say enough enough. enough. lou: is there any reason on earth she should be allowed to stay on foreign affairs commission. >> astounding that anyone in congress to have spoken in this fashion, to have her elevated especially on that kind of a panel should disturb all of us, about foreign nations. how this country and viewed and reflected in world, we have have our people on that commit who view a massive attack on the this nation not as a trivial matter. lou: and attorney general barr today, saying what we have known, president knew it first as often doesn't. he was spied u upon. and william barr said there was spying. >> he handled it perfectly, made it clear he believes that it
4:52 am
happened, yet he said they will determine whether or not it was -- if it should have happened. as opposed to say illegal surveillance versus something that the suray the -- that govet should have been doing, that will be about what we looks into. but remarkable. lou: two we'll wh people who wee at the time, corey lewandowski and david bossie, their remarks. >> he asked president about this some time ago he said clearly, he believes this went all the way to the top of previous administration, it did not stop at ben rhodes, barack obama knew about it, he authorized it, he was either complicit, i am happy attorney general barr is seeking into this. >> corey lewandowski is happy, tens of millions of american are happy could your thoughts about attorney general's announcement that we'll now have an
4:53 am
investigation? >> i think most of us have a look on our face when senator shaheen had on her face, you don't think he was spied othat is what attorney general said, yes, i do, a look on her face as if she was frozen in amber for last two years, yes, we -- now it said but the timing is important. after everything we have experienced, attorney general saying that bluntly, we know that it was a hoax. we know that it -- >> special counsel investigation. >>ious dossie yes, dossier and l that, i don't like what happened over last two year, attorney general barr i think is the perfect person to do this, it important, a little frightening. lou: i am thankful he is there now. >> yes. lou: that all that matters to me. >> we're at right place at right time, it a shame we had to go through this, horrible it
4:54 am
occurred, but my goodness wheel whpeoplewho did this should be , this should never against be allowed to happen in this country. lou: one reason that he is so insist aing, this president understands he is one of few people, men, women, you name it, no matter background, i don't believe another single american could have stood his place and withstood this fuselage, this barrage this constant every day and from every direction assault like he did. and emerge from it stronger. >> he did has highlight the also how sloppy they were and arrogant they were and dumb they were, this is a new era. lou: a different message it shows how strong he is. >> by jackso jackson juxtaposit. donald trump is representing all
4:55 am
of us, this is an assault on american people. not just mr. trump, and thank goodness he is sitting there now. lou: amen. tammy bruce. >> thank you. lou: up next, attorney general william barr, testifies, there was spying on the trump presidential campaign, we hear from the president had to say about the witch-hunt when we contin
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>> a good day on wall street. stocks higher the dow is up seven points. s&p is up 10. the nasdaq up 55. volume on the big board up to 3 billion shares, crude oil nearly up one percent over $64 a barrel. gold and silver remain flat. a reminder my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the attorney general william barr today testified before a senate panel. he said he believes spying occurred on the trump presidential campaign. the president today called it a coup attempt. >> it was an illegal investigation. it was started illegally. everything about it was crooked. every single thing about it. there were dirty cops, these were bad people. you look at mccabe and james comey and you look at lisa and peter strzok. these were bad people. and this was an attempted coup.
5:00 am
>> it was, it did not work, lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. crazy day on capitol hill. bill barr makes a jaw-dropping claim that the trump campaign was spied on. the new fight over the bomb shell comments brewing this morning. more fireworks on the hill as the heads of the nation's biggest banks face off with congress for the first time since the financial crisis. and tech giants get grilled over alleged political buysas on their platforms. we'll have some of the contentious hearing coming you up. disney is expecting to reveal the big plans for their streaming service. can they compete with netflix? the age-old debate, dogs or cats. which household pet claims the title a


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